How This Site Was Born

In a recent AP® live session to help students prepare for the Literature and Composition exam this year, chief reader Dr. David Miller told the students watching that “this is the year you will remember for the rest of your lives.” This truly is the year that we will turn back to repeatedly, to illustrate our strength, resilience, and persistence. COVID-19 could have crushed us; it could still. However, human beings are marvelous creatures and we have hope that it will not. One way that we, the creators and the readers of The Flame can contribute to that effort is through social distancing. In our case, that includes not producing print versions of our magazine as the staff has done for over 15 years. This year, the entire magazine is online for your enjoyment.

This reality presents both challenges and opportunities to the staff. We can re-invent a magazine that has been a source of pride and hope at the same time that it does its legacy justice. There are so many instances of this within society itself that are too numerous to mention. What we can do is try our best. That is what this is: The staff trying its best to produce something excellent and compelling for its readers.

As this school year comes to a close, we wish the seniors of Jim Thorpe Area High School and seniors around the world all the best.

Be well. Be safe. Be good to you.

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