The Nature of Life – Kendra Boger

Birds were chirping, bees were buzzing.
I walked outside in the bright sun to come upon a butterfly up above.
Putting my hand out for it to land on, fluttering its precious wings
Oh, the bright and mellow colors that shine so bright through…
When I imagine this delicate creature, I hear a sudden sound of a waterfall.
Oh, how beautiful and pure the sound is of a relaxing waterfall.
My camera captured this special moment,
This beautiful scenery.

When Charlie took the photograph, he noticed how Elysian nature is.
And how sad it is to think about hurricanes destroying these beautiful scenes.
Scenes of nature and what surrounds it, surrounding myself with sounds of gokotta.

When I hear these sounds, I see my photos in the Rock Hill National Museum.
I’ve been wanting my photos there since I started taking them.
As I was imagining the museum, I heard thunder.
I saw a thunder cloud heading right toward me.
I clambered under a tree before the rain came,
Huddled beneath it, I thumbed through the photos I took.
I wanted to make this moment perfect, so I set up my tripod.
Under the gray clouds, I captured myself perfectly.
I ran back to the village ahead of the raindrops.

Image Credit: Kendra Boger

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