Editorial Philosophy and a Thank You

“We Are The Flame”

This year’s magazine is a reflection of the community it serves, the Jim Thorpe Area High School and School District.  Submissions came from throughout the learning community, from talented writers, artists, videographers, and photographers with varied backgrounds and interests.  We, the staff of The Flame, are committed to ensuring that everyone who wants to contribute can do so in a medium that best suits them.

How to Submit

This year, submissions to The Flame came from Creative Writing classes, AP® English classes, emails from students, hard-copy submissions, teachers who thought a student’s writing was beautiful, carrier pigeon (not really), and contributions from the staff.  We accept submissions throughout the school year.

Thank You

The staff wishes to thank the Jim Thorpe Area High School administration, as well as the administration of the District, for supporting this effort.  The staff also wants to thank the School Board for its support.  

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