We the Procrastinators – Mia Lowin

We are the ones who avoid chores to go out and play. 
We like to glance at the sky and wonder about the possibilities
Instead of making the possibilities.
It is the fairies we take an interest in 
Instead of the butterflies.
It is the love stories we read for delight
Instead of the war stories we read for class.
We would rather take a walk to the roaring blue rivers 
Instead of completing those last math problems.
We would rather find that last puzzle piece 
Instead of finding out the last clue.
We know when there is much to do;
Yes, it has to be done.
But “one more episode...”
We are not scared of failure or lack of success, 
But scared to lose the power to create.
This is why we drift in a place of wonderland.
Procrastinators are Imaginators. 
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