The Dying Star. – Jaiden Hodge

Shining bright with heavenly light.
A star that shone within the darkness of night. 
Its energy sparkled, and its fire rose high.
However, it knew the end was nigh. 
As time raged on, so did its flame.
Until there was nothing left but a fiery frame.
Its body was fading and melting away.
It fought and fought day after day.
But time has won the battle, and the star float limp. 
It was losing its life, like a deflating blimp. 
After centuries of burning, its flame was extinguished. 
And once the moment came, it was forced to relinquish.
Finally, it was time to release all it’s built up power.
The spectacle was reminiscent of an infernal flower. 
And just like that, it was the end. 
The star had lost just like all his friends.
However, in the distance, there was a bright heavenly light,
Shining in the darkness of the night. 
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