You Matter – Kirstin Philipovich

Don’t you ever think to yourself, “Does this person care about me?” or “Why doesn’t he/she like/love me? I don’t understand!” People with anxiety and depression always have those types of thoughts. As a matter of fact, they let these thoughts get in the way of their friendships, relationships, and even their lives. They always think if no one likes them, they don’t matter to anyone and they’re nothing. Some people even try to go through drastic changes in their looks and personality to get more people to like them.

To be honest, I’ve had these thoughts myself. I always ended up letting them get in the way of my life, and it made me even more depressed. Well, here’s the truth: Not everyone is going to like or love you. I know it’s really hard to process, but you have to understand that most people don’t think the way that you may do. Everyone has their own thoughts and opinions. I didn’t start to realize this until recently. I always wanted to be more like the popular kids; I always wanted to be noticed and liked by so many people. It’s easier for popular kids like the jocks and the super talented kids to get attention because they’re gifted with the abilities they have. There are also people who are popular based on their looks and especially how much money they have. You don’t have to be like those kids. The best way to be noticed is to simply be yourself.

It doesn’t matter if you are classified as a “nerd” or a “weirdo.” The popular kids were probably just like you at some point in their lives. They’re still human and are nothing more than anyone else. Don’t think you’re not gifted with anything. You are. The gift you have is amazing. It’s called you. You are your own person; you should continue being yourself because if you show that you don’t care what people think about you, you’ll get noticed in that way. Plus, you have no idea what may be in store for you in the future. This isn’t advice for just the depressed and least popular kids, but for everyone. I’m not popular, but I’m still going to continue to live life how I live it. By the way, there is one who will always love you no matter your circumstance: God.

Keep your head up! You’ll get through this because YOU MATTER.

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