Ode to the Impossible Whopper

 The Burger King® Impossible Whopper 
 Truly is a show-stopper. 
 People petrified perpetually, 
 Pondering incessantly: 
 Is this a putrid poultry-less paddy
 Or a peaceful party packet?
 A veggie burger to remember? 
 Placating provision against meat hunger -  
 Protein-packed - passable, with pleasing texture.
 Perfectly priced pain-free production. 
 My personal preference. 
 Professedly "detested" proportionate to the plague by partisan pin heads,  
 You may find it peculiar, 
 Political prose professing and pestering people’s predisposed paddy points-of-view.
 You proclaim, "Propaganda!" and primally protest,
 Yet you pathologically pursue reading on.
 Perhaps you’re pleading for a punchline, 
 Panning for pentameter.
 Please ponder your priorities, 
 Because while poetry paints my praising pictures of proclivity 
 My premonitions are plain premonition.
 To understand why I’m so devoted,
 Please pick one up from the BK® drive-through.  

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