Earth needs a home

Take a stand to protect our beautiful land, 
The mother of the fish and sharks, 
Tadpoles and frogs, 
Tigers and tigresses,
Lions and lionesses,
Branches and trees,
Grass that is sometimes brown or green,
But most importantly, you and I -
Or rather you and me.
You and I know of all the commotion going on today,
Especially in the ecosystem.
I, as in you, should do what we know is best for us as human beings 
Who've caused this mess:
There’s a fish choking, gasping for air; 
There’re birds confusing worms and cigarette butts; 
There’s a state that’s getting more snow than ever before; 
There was a newborn who passed away because of the cold that it’s never felt before, or given the chance to, 
So why not take a stand to protect our beautiful land? 
We’ve been taught to reduce, reuse, recycle 
But we didn’t go the necessary miles to turn those words into action 
Why not grind those cigarette butts to create roads or fix pot-holes? 
Why not melt that plastic into molds for road signs or glasses?
Why not collect those cans to create a metal food stand to better the economy? 
Why not make the world a better environment for you and I or rather you and me? 
Why not make sustainable cars that use no gas for the upper, lower, and middle class? 
Officials need to take a stand, sit at a round table, come up with a plan 
To protect our beautiful planet 
And let the fish breathe,
Let the early bird get its proper worm,
And let that newborn see the things they’ve never seen before. 
Please take a stand to protect our beautiful land; 
Sustainability is the way to live. 
Creating creations fit enough for our planet, which gives what it never got from you and I - or rather you and me: 
A healthy home. 
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