Friends are not always trustworthy

Beware the people you become friends with, because they can turn on you.

Friends are people you trust,
People who have your secrets.
You trust them with everything,
But in a blink of an eye, they are gone.
That trust is broken.
You stop to wonder why.
Why would they do that to me?
Like I was nothing but a nobody.
I did not treat you like a nobody,
So why am I the exception?
You turned on me because I did not choose you,
Because I chose my friend of color over you.
I chose the friend that treated me better, 
The one that is there for everything.
She did not make me choose like you did.
I do not judge people based on their color.
The color of a person's skin does not matter.
It may have mattered to you, 
But it sure does not matter to me.
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