Life Altering

People rarely change their values and beliefs unless influenced by a traumatic event.

It was a stormy, rainy day,
The sun was gone and the clouds were here to stay.
I put on my boots and I put on my coat,
And before I left, I left a note.
I hopped in the car and went for a drive.
How was I to know that I would barely survive?

The road was slick with rain, and I could barely see -
This is what I told the cops when I saw the man jump in front of me.
He jumped out so suddenly that I barely had time to swerve,
My car spun in circles, until it finally hit the curb.
I remember blacking out, my vision was so blurry,
I heard someone yelling “Please get here, and hurry!”
I remember the bright lights and the distant sound of voices, 
I remember being on a table and being given a list of choices.

However the choices were simple: it was either live or die.
I thought my choice was rather simple, but let me clarify.
That day I saw something or rather someone to be exact.
Meeting him would change my beliefs and put my life intact.
He said his name was God and he said he loved me first. 
Before I was even born, by him I was nursed.
He said he would save me, just say the word, 
And indeed he did, as I tiredly stirred.

From that day forward, I would never be the same,
Because the Lord had saved me and he had called me by name.
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