Pandemic Positivity

Have you ever lived through a pandemic? I have, and honestly, it’s not fun. I remember my friends and I saying we would have two weeks off from school, but that wasn’t the case. The pandemic has been going on for quite some time now, and it’s been challenging to say the least.

We have had to endure major changes to our lives. We have to stay six feet away and wear masks. Some people are even scared to leave the house, which is really sad and terrifying, if I’m being honest with you. Other people have been suffering depression in record numbers, which is also really sad. My nerves are on edge when I visit my older family members, since the pandemic is hitting elders harder than younger people. Although I was taught to always be positive through the tough times, to make them better, and to be even more positive during the good times, I must tell you it is very hard.

I sighed as I glanced away from my book to look out the window. It was raining pretty hard. What a coincidence, right? A weird and odd way to set the mood, for sure. Don’t get me wrong, I like the sound of rain, but not when it’s pouring.

I heard Mom call my name, Lyla, to help her fix breakfast before my online classes. After putting a bookmark inside my book to keep my place, I put my book down and headed downstairs to help her. Time to start the day.

The online classes didn’t last long, and I thought they could’ve been better, but at least I was done for the day quickly.

After online classes, I had to run to the grocery store to get some food and drinks. I walked to the store after putting my mask on. I got everything we needed, but I saw many people who weren’t in the brightest of moods. I sighed to myself and soon made it home. Mom and I were eating dinner when, suddenly, I had an idea.

“Hey Mom?” I asked.

She looked at me with a small smile, “Yes Hun?”

“Do you know anyone who can customize t-shirts by any chance? I saw a lot of people being negative because of this virus, and I wanted to help people be positive and bright, especially during a time like this.” I responded.

Mom smiled more brightly and nodded. “I can call a friend!” she said. She got up from where she was and quickly grabbed her phone, dialing her friend.

A few weeks passed until I got everything set up to spread some positivity around town. My Mom’s friend, Dean, helped us with making all sorts of different things. He helped us make t-shirts, masks, hats, hoodies, socks, anything you could think of! It was really cool and I’m really thankful for all his help!

Today was the day to spread some positivity! Mom and I grabbed our masks and walked to the spot where we were going to sell what Dean helped us make. I set up the table and helped Mom put everything on it, organizing it once everything was there. Mom nodded at me proudly, earning a bright smile from me. Later on, a few of my friends dropped by to buy some things we were selling. They helped for a bit until they had to go.

Soon enough, we had to pack everything up for the day, but we did really well for our first day. Once we got home, we counted the money we had earned: $300.00, which I think isn’t bad for the first day of this positivity business! Honestly, it was pretty fun and entertaining. I did have a lot of fun doing it since I’m extremely passionate about spreading positivity, especially during dark times like this. I believe being positive during the hard times can get people through it, whether it be your family, friends, or even yourself! We can help ourselves be happy if we truly want to be happy, but then again, that’s my outlook on it.

Ever since I was little, I always thought being positive would help me through anything, and I was right. I never knew my Dad and it honestly upset me that I didn’t, so I thought being positive could be a way to help myself around it. I still do get sad about it sometimes, but Mom always tells me these really cool stories about him and her before I was born. According to my Mom, my dad was a hero. He was in the military when my Mom was pregnant with me, and she never told me what truly happened to him, but I know he would always stay positive, so I’m going live my life like he did! Always positive and no negativity!

After a while, I walked to the store to get some wate. When I looked around the story, I saw a bunch of people wearing the shirts, masks, hoodies and all the other stuff Dean helped us make possible. After I walked out of the store, I smiled while looking up at the sky. I laughed a little, then kissed my fingers, holding them up at the sky.

“Thank you for helping me brighten their moods, Dad.”

At home, I asked my Mom, “Think Dad is proud of me?”

Mom beamed as she told me, “Honey, I know he is proud of you. He’s always been, and he will continue to be proud of you. I’m proud of you, too.”

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