To the Seniors of ’21

Tanner Lux wrote this poem using the emails, texts, and remembered snippets of conversations of Jim Thorpe Area High School’s Class of 2021.

– A Note from the Editor

It’s time for us to pack our things.

I’m taking what memories I can.

I should have the baggage to fit it all:

  • I’m taking chewy Spree candies; 
  • the school parking lot in fall;
  • car rides with windows down;
  • the football games;
  • the band brigade;
  • the Chinese restaurant in town;
  • the theater and its warm stage; 
  • and the weight lifting room, with its shoddy Powerade vending machine.

I’ll take the pain as well, 

As lessons in my head. 

But I won’t forget the love I saw, 

Even when I’m dead. 

I want to take the colors:

  • Mr. Miller’s face red; 
  • bashful blue stripes on the walls; 
  • and white fluorescent lights that coat the halls.

I want to take my failed tests

(Thanks a lot, Mr. E.). 

I’m sorry we all can’t be like Danny…

Now I go forth into the world, 

an Olympian carrying a mighty torch! 

But part of me will always be

a kid from Jim Thorpe.

All the best!

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