How I Will Change the World – Alexandra Ramey

Changing the world is a big thought to process. How can one plan to change the world? It isn’t necessarily something that can be forced, but rather something that just happens. There is no guarantee that a person’s actions will lead to any monumental change, or change in their lifetime. Change takes time, and you just need to do your best to move forward and do what’s right. When you look at big names that did change the world in some way, such as Susan B. Anthony, Stephen Hawking, Martin Luther King Jr., you can see that they paved the way for change.

Whether it happened in their lifetime or not, they worked to make a difference and furthered humanity in whatever direction they chose.

I am an aspiring scientist. I want to get my degree in astronomy. Focusing on the context of research, my work could be the basis of something big. I want everything that transpires in my research to be used to help other researchers. Even if I cannot figure something out myself, I could lay the groundwork for someone else to further their knowledge. My insatiable passion for the greater good of science and knowledge for humankind is the driving force behind my motivation. I am sure that my thoughts are like others’ thoughts.

As a woman in STEM, I would use my role and voice to speak out for women’s equality. Less than half of the workforce in the fields of physics, astronomy, and astrophysics is comprised of women. I have had many positive experiences and encounters with empowering leaders, specifically women. A specific example would be when I attended the Women In Science and Engineering Student Forum. I was in a room surrounded by empowering women, all leaders, and all working towards a common goal. We all wanted to make changes in the world, and we were more than willing to face the challenge of taking on a male-dominated career path. We wanted to pave the way for other women and girls who wanted to do the same. With each generation coming up, we want to make it easier for the next.

I want to do my part in leading the way. I want the younger generations of girls to not see challenge, but opportunity. They should not have to worry about having doors closed because of their gender. I am going to lead the way for other girls and women to be able to go into a STEM field and face it head on. I would like to give speeches, lead discussions, and talk to everyone who would like to hear.

Being a leader comes with the responsibility to be a driving force for progress.

This also comes with the expectation to make an impact, or make a change. As a leader, I currently and will continue to set the example for others. I am motivated to make changes in the scientific community. Whether my research leads to a grand discovery or it allows someone else to look deeper into the concepts laid by my work, it will help in some way or another. I want to lead the way for women’s equality. My role as a member of the STEM community would give me a platform to speak on. I will use my voice to lead everyone forward. I will change the world by doing my best to lead the way.

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