Two Flowers

You know that saying,

“Roses are Red,”

“Violets are Blue-“

Then people just put whatever sounds like a good saying?


You know those two flowers in Minecraft?

The Wither Rose and Cornflower?

What if I was the Wither Rose, Black,

And you were the Cornflower, Blue,


And what if I could make everything die?

Everything around me could die, but you

Would there be an explanation as to why?

No, we wouldn’t have a clue


Or maybe I do have a clue

Maybe it’s because Black and Blue

Are actually true

They are meant for each other,


like me and you

Maybe it’s like the same concept of how-

I lose everyone and everything

But it’s different now


Because I have you

And you’ve never left me

You’ve stuck around and did things-

That no one else would ever do


Or at least not for me

But you, you do so much for me

Despite my bad vibes,

You see the part of me that no one else sees-


Like the beauty in me?

That’s something people don’t see

They see my differences

They don’t know me


But you know me and let me be me

You look at me as more than just some flower

That can destroy things with all of my powers

You love me for who I am when I’m myself

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