three pairs of shoes

I Am From – Genevieve Trovato

With gratitude toward George Ella Lyon

I am from love 
From family dinners and boardgames  
I am from rowdiness 
From sarcasm and crying laughter 
Home cooked meals, bedtime stories, and muddy shoes 
I am from arguments  
Lonely nights and boring days  
Tears of happiness and hatred  
I am from compromise  
From mom’s house to dad’s house and back again 
Hand-me-downs and knitted sweaters 
I am from a big pine tree in my yard that is now just a stump 
From playing at the park and going on picnics 
I am from the Laneville’s 
Who will give you the shirt off their back if you ask nice enough 
People who will drop everything to help the ones they love 
I am everything and nothing all in one  
But overall   
I am me  
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