I Am From

I was from the city,
from New York specifically.
I was from the corner store around the time.
(Light, gleaming
it appeared illuminated.)
I was on the edge,
the only edge
where a lot was expected from me as a child I remember this looking back.

I was from a well raised home,
From a time I once knew and understood
I’m from the same old place
and a place that has remained unchanged,
from when the puzzles were not difficult to solve.
but not easy to arrange
with all that took place
and wisdom I could seek.

I’m from the middle,
I don’t seek attention.
Attention was never the issue instead 
I wanted to be heard
no one ever listens.
I cried out
I even poured my heart and soul out.
I left that all behind awhile ago
instead of just placing them on the table.
I used to cherish these hopeful moments —
instead the memories are just memories now —
now leave it all behind — move on forward to the new.

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