The Autumn Fairy by Kaden Williams

Image Credit: Hannah Anthony, ’25

Lexi and her Grandpa live on a lovely farm in a small town of Ohio. Each day, Lexi rises with a smile and greets the morning by brushing her long golden hair. This was a special morning. It was the day before Halloween, and Lexi loved Halloween.

“Morning, Grandpa!” she said, kissing him on the cheek.

“Good morning to you too, Lexi girl,” he said with a smile.

”I’m so excited!” she exclaimed.

“Why so?” he asked.

“Tonight, when the clock strikes twelve, it will be Halloween, and I love Halloween,” she answered.

“Don’t get too excited,” he laughed. “You have chores to do. I need you to rake up some leaves.”

Lexi ran outside to begin gathering a huge stack of leaves with a large wooden rake.

“Ouch! What ja doing! Please be careful, that hurts!” exclaimed a voice coming from the pile of leaves.

“Oh my!” exclaimed Lexi. There in the leaves was a tiny fairy dressed in the colors of autumn.

“I’m so sorry, I didn’t see you. I’m Lexi! Are you a Halloween elf?” questioned Lexi.

“No, silly,” she replied. “My name is Jolie and I’m an Autumn Fairy. Why do you humans like Halloween so much?” said Jolie.

Lexi answered with stars dancing in her eyes: “The crisp night air, the moon, the sky, and candy, of course! It’s an extremely magical holiday!”

“Well, if it’s magic you want, your wish shall be granted,” said Jolie. “I owe you a favor for raking me a wonderful, warm pile of leaves. Now, do your chores, and when midnight arrives, you’ll have your treat,” offered the fairy.

Lexi then hurried through her tasks and upon nightfall she snuggled into bed, looking forward to her surprise. When the clock struck twelve, she awakened to her bedroom filled with carved pumpkins glowing with candles. Next to her pillow was a large wooden bowl filled with candy and a small note. The note read: “If it’s magic you wish for, my dear, go to the mirror and see that you can now celebrate Halloween all year!”

Lexi jumped out of bed and immediately ran to her dressing table. Her mouth opened wide and her eyes widened, too, as big as cherry pies. Her lovely golden locks were pumpkin orange. Her shiny new ginger hair reminded her forevermore the magic of the Autumn Fairy.

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