What is life?

For every I remember
There’s an I forgot 
For every I hope so
There’s an I hope not
For every positive reaction
there’s a negative one that follows 
And thus for every poor person
There are those who may wallow 
Life is both fair and yet not
But no one may complain
For life is but a roll of dice
Where it can be both a losing or winning game 
But now I must ask 
For it cannot be postponed any longer
Am I but a pawn in life’s game
Like a harlot and a whoremonger
Or am I the pair of die,
Where I try to choose my own destiny and yet
It’s not in my own hands 
I plan my own life, but yet it’s not mine to plan?
Maybe I think too much and life, like me, is also just an observer 
As we both watch my life go up and down with a frenetic sense of fervor
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