The Old Toy Train

Trains were his number one interest.
He loved them with all his heart. 
Little towns and mini people.
Oh how this is just the start. 

He owns tracks and cars, 
trains and homes.
Sometimes the mini people 
are replaced with gnomes. 

Small fake trees and grass 
being glued to the board.
My pops had to sit down 
so he doesn’t get sore. 

His wrinkled fingers moves 
every piece with care. 
“Don’t touch my trains!” He said
So all we could do was stare. 

They toys had to be put 
away. In boxes of course. 
I look up at my mother 
and begin to feel remorse.
He loved those trains so 
dearly. He loved them like kids. 
We love you so much Pops. 
You will forever be missed. 
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