Two Poems

In the Halls of Books and Rules

In the halls of books and rules,
I feel trapped, like a caged bird.
The clock ticks, time stands still,
But my spirit longs to be free.

Homework piles up like a mountain,
A never-ending battle I face.
The classroom walls close in on me,
As I yearn for a different space.

But amidst the struggle and strife,
There are moments of learning and growth.
Teachers who inspire and ignite,
Knowledge that expands my mind's scope.

So, though I may despise the grind,
In school, there's more than meets the eye.
For within its walls, I'll find,
The seeds of knowledge that will help me fly.


In the embrace of four familiar walls,
A sanctuary where my heart finds rest.
A haven where memories gently call,
And comfort wraps around me, feeling blessed.

The scent of home, a familiar perfume,
Fills the air with love and warmth so true.
Each corner holds stories, whispers of the past,
A tapestry of moments that forever last.

The creaking floors, a symphony of time,
Echoing the laughter and tears that chime.
The cozy nooks, inviting and kind,
Where solace and peace I always find.

Within these walls, I am truly me,
Accepted and loved, unconditionally.
For home is not just a physical place,
But a feeling of belonging, an eternal embrace.
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