Meet the Editorial Team

Chloe Tantala
Chloe Tantala

I have been writing stories since I learned to write and haven’t slowed down since. Creative writing is my one true passion; however, I love all forms of creative expression and want to inspire all my peers to exhibit their talents. This magazine gives them an outlet to do just that, which is why I joined The Flame Editorial Team.

Kaylee Tate

Hi! I’m Kaylee Tate, the Social Media Editor for The Flame.  I edit and run the Instagram page. I don’t read as much as I’d like anymore, but when I do, I enjoy high fantasy and horror, like Steven King. Both of these have greatly impacted my own personal voice in my writing. Other than literary hobbies, I also enjoy history and mock trial. I feel that to write a realistic story, you need to know how to create captivating conflict and how to reflect on some of the best stories ever written down because they really happened. Overall, I hope to use my interests to help others bring their creativity to The Flame.

Rene Bubar
Rene Bubar

My name is Rene Bubar, and I am an editor for The Flame. I chose to be an editor for The Flame because of my passion for reading and writing creative works. My favorite type of creative work is creative writing, specifically short stories. I hope to benefit The Flame by editing the works of others and submitting my own work to the site.

Kaila O'Connor
Kaila O’Connor

Hi, my name is Kaila, and I’m an editor for The Flame! I play soccer, do track and field, and I love to read. I enjoy reading Fiction, but I especially love poetry. I’ve been reading books since I was a little kid, and at one point, I even started to write my own fiction book! I enjoy reading stories and poems made by my fellow students on The Flame! I look forward to seeing the creativity you have to offer!

Gabrielle Davis

Surprisingly enough, I have been pouring my heart out on sheets of lined paper since I was just 6 years old. There was always something magical I felt in my heart when I would create a story from my own mind instead of just reading one in the storybooks (Continue Later)

Andrew Bosi

Hi, my name is Andrew Bosi, and I am an editor for The Flame. I believe that our culture, and almost all of life is based around some form of art. From architecture, to movies and entertainment, to history and science, art is everywhere in our lives. What makes art so special, is that it is virtually the only way to express yourself, thoughts, and emotions as a human being. I am also an artist, as I sketch, paint, design, play guitar, and indulge in literature and fiction.

Monica Rizzo

Hi!  I’m the artist who creates covers for many pieces in The Flame!

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