Approaching Imagism

Image Credit: Brielle DeCarolis

The Stars. – Jaiden Hodge

Shining bright with heavenly light, A star that shone within the darkness of night. Its energy sparkled and its fire rose high. However, it knew the end was nigh. As time raged on, so did its flame. Until there was nothing left but a fiery flame. Its body was fading and melting away. It fought…

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Image Credit: Crystal Furler

The Five Senses – Lea George

It’s morning; you are feeling the dew on your face  Listening to the birds chirping Seeing the colors of the sky Touching the tender blossom Smelling the foggy area  Tasting the dew of the new morning  Image Credit: Crystal Furler

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Image Credit: Kendra Boger

The Nature of Life – Kendra Boger

Birds were chirping, bees were buzzing.I walked outside in the bright sun to come upon a butterfly up above.Putting my hand out for it to land on, fluttering its precious wingsOh, the bright and mellow colors that shine so bright through…When I imagine this delicate creature, I hear a sudden sound of a waterfall.Oh, how…

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