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Within all of us burns a bright flame ignited by art in all its forms.

Solve – Alexis Marotto

In the realm of questions, I took my flight, Determined to solve what hid from sight. WIth eyes wide open, my mind alight, I embarked on a journey, fueled by insight. A puzzle before me, intricate and profound, Its pieces scattererd, waiting to be found. With patience and focus, I then unwound, The tangled threads…

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Jaundiced Eye

Her eyes are green Like the trees in mid-Spring Verdant, blooming While I’ve hardly taken root. Her eyes shine in the light So mesmerizingly Like the emerald around her neck That I could never afford. My eyes are also green But not in the same way as hers; They’re more like the limes I taste…

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I realized that I’m in a field With different flowers everywhere I thought I was your favorite But my roots remain in the ground. And not in your hands Like, who would really choose me? The longer I’m in the ground, the more roots grow The more I grow comfortable, the less likely I’ll leave.…

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It Started with Me & You

When I was young, I was friends with a neighborhood boy who liked the same things as me. Both of us were dirt poor, but it didn’t matter; as long as we had each other, there was always a make-believe adventure right around the corner. He grew up to be a star basketball player, and…

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