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Within all of us burns a bright flame ignited by art in all its forms.

It Started with Me & You

When I was young, I was friends with a neighborhood boy who liked the same things as me. Both of us were dirt poor, but it didn’t matter; as long as we had each other, there was always a make-believe adventure right around the corner. He grew up to be a star basketball player, and…

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Leave it on the Court

One came with sneakers that are new, one came with sneakers that are old. One boy’s face was happy, yet the other’s face was cold. If the first boy was a flower, standing tall and proud, the second boy was a predator, ready to rip it from the ground. Different views of life were seen—…

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A Jealous Witch Discovers Her Powers – Genevieve Trovato

Illustration Credit: Monica Rizzo In the small town called old Crimsonville, in Maine, there lived a beautiful young girl named Elvira Tempress. You might be wondering, what could be so interesting about this girl with a weird name? Well, she has a dark secret: she’s a witch. However, even she didn’t know this before our…

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The Bewildering Witches – Carlie Garner

It was the morning of Halloween. In a few hours, the streets of this small, suburban town will be crowded with a surplus of eager children in eccentric costumes. Brooke was ecstatic. She had her costume set out and ready. All she had to do was get the school day over with. It was the…

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A Ghost From His Past – Haylee Fischi

This isn’t the first time this story has been told, and it won’t be the last either. There is no stopping it. She can’t be stopped, and she’s coming for me, she’s coming for all of us.  It was October 31, 2004, at 3 AM. Jasper and Kierra, two young teenagers, were driving while dense…

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The Autumn Fairy by Kaden Williams

Image Credit: Hannah Anthony, ’25 Lexi and her Grandpa live on a lovely farm in a small town of Ohio. Each day, Lexi rises with a smile and greets the morning by brushing her long golden hair. This was a special morning. It was the day before Halloween, and Lexi loved Halloween. “Morning, Grandpa!” she…

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I Am From

I was from the city, from New York specifically. I was from the corner store around the time. (Light, gleaming it appeared illuminated.) I was on the edge, the only edge where a lot was expected from me as a child I remember this looking back. I was from a well raised home, From a…

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I Am From – Haylee Fischi

With gratitude toward George Ella Lyon I am from diaries, From unspoken words and unspoken thoughts. I am from a canvas And paintbrush strokes I am from the roses I have received. The grass where I’ve laid Feeling the earth’s connection on my back. I am from love and heartbreak From comfort and despair. I’m…

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I Am From – Genevieve Trovato

With gratitude toward George Ella Lyon I am from love From family dinners and boardgames I am from rowdiness From sarcasm and crying laughter Home cooked meals, bedtime stories, and muddy shoes I am from arguments Lonely nights and boring days Tears of happiness and hatred I am from compromise From mom’s house to dad’s…

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