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The King’s Sister’s Curse

Once upon a time, in a kingdom far, far away, lived a king and queen who were madly in love. They had two lovely children, a daughter and a son, who would both one day inherit the throne. However, one fateful day made them think that day would be coming a lot sooner than they…

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Crump the Grump from Joyville

Once upon time there was an old tailor named Crump. Crump lived in a village called Joyville. He was born and raised there, and when his father and mother passed, he took over his father’s business. He was an older man, having just turned 63. He lived in Southwest Joyville, in the last cottage on…

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We All Need to Escape Sometimes

This page features terrific examples of escapist and fantastical stories and poems. We hope you enjoy!

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