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Hired for Destiny

What happens when you are this close to a new life and your old life comes back to haunt you?

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It Started with Me & You

When I was young, I was friends with a neighborhood boy who liked the same things as me. Both of us were dirt poor, but it didn’t matter; as long as we had each other, there was always a make-believe adventure right around the corner. He grew up to be a star basketball player, and…

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Leave it on the Court

One came with sneakers that are new, one came with sneakers that are old. One boy’s face was happy, yet the other’s face was cold. If the first boy was a flower, standing tall and proud, the second boy was a predator, ready to rip it from the ground. Different views of life were seen—…

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The Crazy Cat Lady, Snowball, and the Pink Coin

Editor’s note: In Creative Writing I class, we used a product called Writer Igniter to generate writing prompts. Katelynn Bos, the author of this piece, enjoyed the process very much, and it shows in her writing.

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