Snow Day Poetry (12/16/20)

The stars winked at me. 
The book read itself to me.
The tree whispered in the wind.
This pencil wrote the words perfectly.
This computer has a mind of its own.
Those cookies are calling my name. 
The car danced on the wet road.

-Kali Dennis

Tranquil and Zen:
Soft trickling on the roof
You hear it time and time again
It has just started to fall

Grey and dark sky
Wilted trees and plants begin to dance,
As the wind excites them
And the rain gives them another chance

Soft but heavy;
Perfectly steady
I couldn’t be more happy
I hope this day never ends

-Amelia Flick
I took a stroll through the park.
That did soon make me a mark.
As I began to leave the scene,
I couldn't help but feel I was seen.

As I tried to escape that grip on me,
I began to struggle to be free.
That grip brought upon me new agony,
as I began to fight so fiercely!

It wasn't easy to shake the feeling,
(or to say I was still living);
I feel this pain so frequently
that I'm beginning to lose positivity.

The strength of a Breeze nobody can face --
not even those with the most grace --
is something that tends to go unnoticed,
and leaves someone feeling their lowest.

As the Breeze did intensify,
I knew this time I could not deny
it. This time I had lost my fight
to something so very uptight.

The Breeze had brought a sudden ease,
as I felt my skin begin to freeze.
I could not help but begin to slow,
as the freezing cold began to grow...

-Kalena Ayala
Photo by Gautam Krishnan on Unsplash
Photo by Annie Botía on Unsplash
Photo by JR Harris on Unsplash
Photo by Erin Song on Unsplash

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