The Come to the Table Movement

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Ocean Waves

It was 52 degrees outside, but it was warm. It was two weeks into fall that day, but I remember it was warm. There’s a lot of other things I remember about that day, too. Like how nervous I was, and how I shouldn’t have worn such an itchy sweater. But, it was my lucky…

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A middle school student learns a valuable life lesson: Power and influence can change someone for the worse, so don’t change who you are when you acquire power and influence.

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Rules to Live By – Mia Hydro

I lay in bed for hours just thinking about the next day. It’s the start of my new life, and I’ve been waiting for it for years. I’m terrified. I’ve dreamt of this for the longest time, and it’s really here. I’ve saved up all of the money I earned from scooping ice cream over…

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The Best Advice – Janae Tabb

The best advice I’ve ever received was, “It’s time you start taking the necessary steps to become that version of yourself you can’t stop dreaming about.” Over the past four years, I have been dreaming of doing hair and one day owning a salon. All my life, I’ve been a horrible employee. It took me…

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Merry Noel – Carol Keefer

As soon as Halloween was over, Noel was jumping with Christmas joy. She hung up Christmas lights in her room and blasted Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas is You” on a loop. It was torturous for her parents, but Noel couldn’t help her Christmas spirit– Christmas also happened to be her birthday! Noel’s…

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