A Hybrid’s Legacy

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Long ago, hybrids and humans were at war. Centuries passed until one brave hybrid and one brave human made peace because they were tired of the fighting. Hybrids and humans made peace thanks to those two. The Kingdom of Kaaven was a kingdom who shouldn’t be messed with. It had one feature that other kingdoms never had back then. Kaaven was one of the first kingdoms to have humans and hybrids live in peace, especially dragon hybrids.

That was back then, though. This is my story.

My name is Ryu and I’m a dragon hybrid who works with the humans of Kaaven. My family helps out too, but they rarely want to get out. Back then, I was a big ball of energy, so after my tasks were done, I took my chances and flew around the kingdom. Flying helps me take my mind off of the stressful duties of helping out. I don’t mind helping out; I really like the people in Kaaven. They’re accepting, and I’m sure Dad would’ve loved to witness this.

He would’ve loved everything about this place. He was an adventurer, like me. Dad always seemed so brave when he was protecting us. The start of being in Kaaven is what got Dad killed. One person didn’t accept us even though we didn’t raise a claw. Sometimes, I wish I was a human. Humans don’t have to worry about being scolded at for something they can’t control, right? I wouldn’t know though. I never asked anyone because it was none of my business. I could always ask Oriana though. She was actually my first human friend!

I waved goodbye to my mom and big brother, Riku. I jumped up and spread my wings, letting the wind take me away. For a split-second, I thought I saw Mom smile. She hasn’t smiled since Dad’s death, at least a smile that is genuine. Whenever she tries to smile, she breaks down in tears. I’ll make sure we are accepted by everyone. I’ll do it for Riku, for her, for Dad, even for me. My family comes first. I could hear the flapping of another hybrids’ wings, causing me to look over my shoulder curiously. I saw Riku.

That’s right, I thought. He has tasks today too.

“Hey Riku! Forgot you had tasks today!” I shouted back at him, earning a laugh.

He replied, “Haha! Yeah! I was planning on scaring you but I guess that wasn’t gonna happen!”

I gave him a look and looked forward, feeling the wind in my hair. I can also feel the adrenaline from being in the sky. I could only imagine how the hybrid warriors feel. I took a deep breath, taking in the air. Ruki flew next to me and smiled, chuckling quietly.

“The view is really something.” He said.

I nodded, “Yeah, it is. Dad would’ve probably stopped us and made us look at the view.”

Riku nodded in response, agreeing with my statement. We continued flying in silence until we got to the town in the kingdom. I landed down on the ground, stumbling slightly while Riku landed peacefully. We both went our separate ways to do our tasks, doing our handshake and waving each other farewell for the time being.

Time flew by, and I was down to the last sword, carefully cleaning and polishing it. I was thinking to myself, until I heard an alarm that I never wanted to hear.

Oh god.

I took the sword with me as I ran out of the weaponry, looking around quickly, trying to find any clues as to where Riku could be. He’s probably out there, fighting. He’s a warrior after all. I found myself running, my feet taking the lead without even thinking.

I gotta get back to Mom as soon as possible. She can’t defend herself now that Dad’s gone!

I breathed heavily as I ran out of the building, quickly flying up into the sky without even thinking. I gotta get back there and get her to safety. I gotta protect her. I have to protect her.

Riku is taking care of most of the intruders, but what if Mom runs into a bunch of them?

Once I was back home, I ran into the house. I looked around to see if anything was broken, or if anyone had broken in. Nothing was damaged. Where could she be?

I hesitantly called out as I walked up the stairs, “Mom? Mom, are you okay?”

No response.

Oh god, please don’t tell me. Please tell me she’s sleeping.

I open the door to her room and see her laying on the floor, her hand on her chest where her heart is. Her wings are covering most of the floor. I set the sword down and kneel down, picking her up slightly to lay her on my lap.

“Mom?” I ask.

Her eyes open slowly, the color of her once bright orange eyes turned dull.

What happened?” I think to myself.

I look down at her, “Mom, what happened?”

She smiled, a genuine but weak smile. The smile I haven’t seen since Dad was alive. Why is she smiling when she’s laying on the floor like this though? I thought.

She replied slowly but weakly, “I’m getting old, Hun. It’s my time to join your father. I heard what happened and I’m thankful you’re okay but where’s your brother?”

I sighed and shook my head. “He’s fighting the intruders, Mom. I tried to find him but I had to get to you first. You can’t go, you can’t. We need you!”

I can’t just let her go, especially like this. She can’t go, she just can’t! We can’t lose both our parents!

I was pulled from my thoughts as I felt Mom’s hand on my cheek, wiping a tear away. Even in her last moments, she still had time to make sure I was okay.

I looked down at her. Our eyes were teary. “I can’t let you go. First Dad, now you? I can’t do this, Mom. I can’t lose you. Riku and I can’t lose you.”

She managed another smile. “It’s okay, Ryu. I’ll be at peace then. Just know and tell your brother that I am insanely proud of you both. I am very happy about the men you two have become. I love you both, so much.”

I held onto her hand and I started to sob quietly, soon hearing footsteps coming up the stairs. I looked towards the door and saw Riku, his eyes wide.

“Did someone break in?” He asked, trying to be calm.

I shook my head, staying silent. I knew if I tried to talk, I wouldn’t finish the sentence.

He walked over and kneeled down on the other side of her, taking her other hand.

“I’m sorry I wasn’t here sooner,” he said.

Mom shook her head and smiled up at the both of us. “You’re here now, boys. That’s all that matters. I couldn’t have asked for better sons. I love you two so much.”

Riku and I nodded in unison, “We love you too, Mom.”

She smiled as she closed her eyes, taking her last breaths.

I knelt there, looking down and letting my hair cover my eyes as tears fall.

She was gone.

I’ll prove I can be strong, Mom. I’ll prove it to you and Dad.

Months later, I was fighting in battles alongside Riku. We got stronger and stronger everyday. Every battle, every war, pulled my brother and me closer together. We protect each other and lift each other up when we need help. We are proving that this Kingdom is a place not to be messed with! We’ll bring peace to this Kingdom! We’ll bring peace to our home, Mom and Dad.

This is what they wanted.

Now I’m gonna fulfill that promise I made long ago.

This is a hybrid’s legacy.

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